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Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering
Elective Class - Summer Term

Bauwerke zum Begreifen I/II



  • Design of structures for specific load-bearing effects
  • Dimensioning of the developed structural variants for specified actions
  • Conversion of the ideas into physical models and demonstration of the load-bearing effect


The participating students

  • learn how to construct using concrete examples (supporting structure, material)
  • learn how to join the components to the overall structure (connection technology)
  • can dimension and design the construction for specific specifications / requirements
  • learn the possibilities of demonstrating the load-bearing effect by means of sensor and measurement technology (experimental techniques)
  • can get to know the requirements for computational modelling in more detail from the comparison of the physical model with the computational model

Wednesdays, 08:30h - 10:00h
Seminar Room - Chair of Structural Design

Particpating Study Programmes
  • Architecture and Urban Development (Modul 122b)
  • Civil Engineering (Moduel 322)